Gas management (oxygen, CO2, nitrogen)

Dissolved gas control: oxygen addition, deoxygenation, and inertisation of empty vats

Deos: the key to managing dissolved O2 in your winery

Modern oenology has shown that managing oxygen is essential to the quality ageing of wines. Deos is the only oxygenation device able to introduce into the vat the correct dose of oxygen in a precise, “gentle” and fully uniform way.

Maitrise des gaz dissous: apport d'oxygène, désoxygénation et inertage des cuves en vidange

It is also the only oxygenation device able to deoxygenate a wine in the vat and to precisely inertise an empty vat.

Deos stems from our oenological observations. It was developed to meet oxygen-addition challenges. Deos lets you prevent any wine exposure to O2, and thus not encourage the harmful effects of oxygen use:

Deos lets you age your wine by adding the correct dose of oxygen: precisely, gently, uniformly:

Deos also deoxygenates wine in vats, so you can eliminate unwanted oxygen inputs further to:

Deos can be used to inertise empty vats.

Service available for all vat types and shapes. 

Our equipment:

9 units for servicing.

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