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Observing to invent,

with an open and scientific mind.

Our company epitomises the singularity and creativity of Michael Paetzold.

Curious and visionary by nature, Michael is a born inventor. He listens to his intuitions in order to explore new avenues, but never stops acutely analysing the wine industry. His perspective is both transversal, spanning processes throughout the wine cycle; and local, embracing diverse practices in each region and appellation.

His core belief? That raising the standard of physical treatments of wine raises the quality of oenological results – providing that oenological science is built into the technical response. Which is how Michael, an oenologist by training but also a scientist who wrote a university dissertation, invested the term “oenotechnical” with all its meaning.

Filtration, gustatory balance through membrane-based techniques, wine stability, bottling, repackaging, volume measurement, environment… In many key areas, Michael has proposed novel solutions to help wine live well – and sometimes a few years ahead of industry expectations, requirements, standards and regulations.

Today, Michael Paetzold is still the only oenotechnical company set up and developed around innovation. A full 100% of our oenotechnical services are conceived and fine-tuned by our in-house R&D team, with devices that are designed and manufactured in our own workshop in Cadaujac, and are covered by dozens of patents.

Michael Paetzold is also the driving force behind two collaborative R&D projects with business and academic partners supported by FUI: MO2VE (innovative products/services for the controlled management of gases dissolved in wine) and Octave (innovative technical/scientific approaches for preventing oxidation flaws in white wines).

“Steer clear of those who think they have found the truth. Follow those who seek it. And sometimes precede them… .”

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