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For you, we invent

pragmatic responses.

Inspired by his oenological awareness, Michael Paetzold supplies new ideas in a changing wine industry.

With roots stretching back 6,000 years, the wine world has an underlying continuity while also seeking to reinvent itself in the face of far-reaching change – in our climate, environment, economies, tastes and consumer habits. Michael has always listened to what professionals want to do. He explores ideas with them; asks the right questions, as they do; and seeks solutions for them.

His thinking is guided by true oenological awareness. It is based on a deep and transversal understanding of winemaking processes. It is nourished by a body of knowledge: from the foundations of scientific oenology by Louis Pasteur in 1865 to Michael’s most recent discoveries in managing oxygen. Shared in the company’s in-house school, this oenological awareness enables us to practise oenotechnical awareness: truthfully and sincerely, in accordance with principles that wed humanity, professional ethics, experience and respect for wine, in full knowledge of the role of our oenotechnical interventions and processes, and with full control over their effects.

Because they stem from oenological awareness and from a clear-sighted view of current and future developments, and because they provide new ideas to meet new requirements, Michael’s propositions sway professionals. The resulting innovations set the oenotechnical standard. They often bring about realisations, which help in changing wine-industry mentalities.

“Never lay down the law. Always propose a solution, and work alongside those who accept it.”

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