Dewatering of winery treatment plant sludge

A service to dewater the sludge from your treatment plant.

Treatment plants produce sludge and any excess must be removed. Our service is about more than dewatering the sludge; it is a full package to support management of your winery treatment plant sludge, so that you can repurpose it at a composting centre or make it easier to spread on land.

Dewatering of winery treatment plant sludge

Our sludge dewatering service consists of two stages:

Stage one: we search on your behalf for an approved facility to manage your sludge:

Stage two: we remove sludge from your plant:

Our sludge dewatering service manages your treatment-plant sludge to give you peace of mind.

Our range

Capacity of our dewatering unit: 500 kg of sludge/h to 18% dry solids.

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