Made by Paetzold

in Cadaujac (Gironde county)

All our wine treatment devices are built in our workshop.

Paetzold Workshop

All our wine treatment devices are built in our workshop.

As wine professionals, we wish to make quality products, loved by our customers. The Paetzold workshop reflects our passion and our commitment to you.

Located in our head office in Cadaujac, and part of our oenotechnical design centre, the Paetzold workshop brings together a team of hyperspecialists: engineers in charge of development, oenologists who ensure that processes respect the wine, electricians, welders, fabricators, process automation specialists, and mechanics tasked with assembly and fine-tuning.

Rather than focus solely on R&D, and outsource the manufacture of his wine treatment devices, Michael Paetzold decided years ago to build them in-house. Our workshop translates his oenotechnical concept into a device that we offer for service or purchase. Our filter presses, Alcoff, Inside, Eternam, Re-Bottle, De(o)s and many other innovations are born here in Cadaujac, and are still made here today.

Our workshop thus guarantees that the tool is a perfect fit with the intuition that gave rise to it. This is also the best way to fully control the custom manufacture of your wine treatment device; and the technical optimisation and development of our models, driven by how you use it and our jobsite feedback.

From design to delivery, each device takes six to eight weeks’ work – the time required for a careful and inspected build, to yield a fully operational unit.

“Engineers, oenologists, welders, process automation specialists... A package of skills for designing and building our tools.”

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