Repackaging of old vintages: Eternam®

Because your wines deserve eternal life

Eternam® does much more than simply unstopper and restopper. It is a unique service that extends vintages’ lifespan under a precision oenological protocol, using a unit equipped with an array of innovative features:

Bottles are fully secured while these operations are performed.

Repackaging of old vintages: Eternam®

Over time, a cork stopper loses its key properties. The wine is thus exposed to oxidation and the development of micro-organisms.

Unless this stopper is replaced every 20-30 years, the quality and commercial value of the wine will be impaired.

Until now, no specific oenological process had been developed for repackaging cellared wines

Eternam® is the first service for repackaging old vintages developed to preserve wines’ organoleptic characteristics: a maximum oxygen input of 50 µg/l

This input is 30 to 100 times less than with traditional methods which add between 1.5 and 2 mg/l of dissolved oxygen, thus reducing wines’ ageing potential by more than 10 years

(the annual oxygen transmission rate (OTR) of a high-quality cork is 100 to 150 µg/l/year.)

Bottle integrity is protected

Eternam® is a label that enhances wine professionals’ perceptions of the repackaged bottle: the added value observed per bottle is 10%-20% of its price

A service run by a unit manager steeped in our oenological culture and two operators trained in precision movements

Our equipment:

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