Repackaging with change of bottle: Re-Bottle®

A comprehensive, custom programme of technical repackaging.

For a wine that has already had a first life in bottle, repackaging is a delicate operation that presents the challenge of preserving its organoleptic properties.

Re-Bottle® is complete, bespoke programme for emptying, massifying and rebottling wine with no risk of degrading it or impairing its organoleptic properties (dissolved oxygen input below 400 µg/l).

Re-Bottle® allows more than 50 technical pathways to address all challenges that require emptying a wine and changing recipient

Repackaging with change of bottle: Re-Bottle®

A facility specially developed for this operation:

A team with the know-how, and above all the rare skills, to control risks related to oxygen, which greatly harms the conservation and evolution of wine:

A service that ensures oxygen uptake lower than 400 µg/l (for comparison, traditional bottling adds 500 to 2,000 µg/l for a single operation, whereas the Re-Bottle® score is lower for the entire repackaging process) thanks to:

A turnkey service, with complete management covering:

A package of inspections to ensure quality of programme execution. Continuous, plotted inspections:

Our equipment:

More than 50 possible pathways thanks to a wide range of working units, to design a custom repackaging programme.

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