Gas management (oxygen, CO2, nitrogen)

Deos® deoxygenation device / controlled oxygenation device

A tool for controlling oxygen in the winery

“Modern” oenology has shown that oxygen management is essential for high-quality ageing of wines. Deos® is the only oxygenation device able to introduce into a vat the correct dose of oxygen in a precise, “gentle” and totally uniform way.

Deos® deoxygenation device / controlled oxygenation device

It is also the only oxygenation device able to deoxygenate, carbonate and decarbonate wine in vats.

Deos® stems from our œnological observations. It was developed to meet the challenges of oxygen inputs. Deos® prevents overexposure of the wine to oxygen, and thus the harmful effects of oxygen use:

Deos® was designed by our design department and production workshop to provide the correct oxygen dose: precisely, gently, uniformly.

Deos® also deoxygenates wine in vats, so you can eliminate unwanted oxygen inputs further to:

Deos® can also carbonate wine up to 1,000 mg/l and decarbonate it up to 400 mg/l in vats.

Deos® has a software program for inertisation and for inertisation control in empty vats.

Deos® adapts to all vat shapes and types.

A compact, mobile tool to work more easily in the ageing facility.

Simple to use, with an interactive interface.

A single device can process a whole facility.

Our range:

Deos® Desox, Deos® Tech, Deos® Pro, Deos® Large Volume : 4 Deos® units to meet all your technical requirements and budget constraints.

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