Gustatory balance

Osmosis unit + phenol kit

A piece of equipment for reducing ethylphenols

Our ethylphenol treatment unit combines two devices that work continuously:

Osmosis unit + phenol kit

Paetzold osmosis unit quality:

The osmosis unit can also be used to:

The phenol kit is designed for:

Supplied: selected specific active charcoals, approved for food contact and wine-neutral.

Supplied: a program for calculating and organising treatment of ethylphenols for a given volume: worktime, volume of permeate being produced, charcoal replacement, etc.

Our range:

OS Tech, OS Pro, OS Perf: three ranges of osmosis units to meet your technical requirements and budget constraints.

Phenol kits suited to each unit’s flow rate: 300 - 600 - 800 - 1200 - 1600 l/h.

Custom-designed osmosis unit and phenol kit: size, performance, multi purpose.

Additional products:

“Be aware of the masking effect of ethylphenols: before becoming odorous, they mask your wine’s aromas and flavours."

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