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Smoke Taint Treatment Unit

Find the aromatic expression and fruit of your wine.

A unit developed by our R&D department, with strong technological choices to respond to the problem while preserving the aromas of the wine.


Our solution surgically eliminates the molecules responsible for smoke flavor (guaiacol, 4-methylguaiacol, O’crésol, etc.) and completely preserves the organoleptic qualities and aromas of your wine, where other solutions tire them. 

The coupling of membrane equipment and an adsorbent filter:

Schema Smoke Tain Ang

Since many years, we have been successfully equipping wineries in Chile and the USA to treat wines affected by the Smoke Taint problem, as our analyzes prove :

Resultats Smoke Taint Ang

Based on this feedback, we provide working procedures: :

Need more information about smoke taint issues in your wines?

Contact our Product Manager Jean-Sebastien Laronche :

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