Helping wine live well

throughout its cycle.

Our oeno technique? The art of caring in order to reveal.

Wine results from a thousand-year-old conversation between vineyards, terroirs and humans. In their quest for the finest product, our customers have an ally: oeno technique. With it, they choose a path along which grapes become juice, juice becomes wine, and wine becomes pleasure. From vine to bottle, we watch over this path – illuminating and securing it.

From the first musts to the oldest vintages, we help wine live well by caring for the product throughout its cycle, so that it reveals to its full value the strategic resource of Chateaux, Estates, Cooperatives and Négociants.

With each vintage, we assist hundreds of oenological pathways in the leading wine-producing regions of France and beyond. Growers, oenologists, winemakers, cellarmasters, owners, technical directors, winery managers, investors – they can all rely on our oenotechnical solutions, precision services and state-of-the-art equipment.

Attentive to their desire to do better, we offer our customers ideas and roadmaps to make progress and solve the wine-related challenges they face. We provide them with a comprehensive vision for building, anticipating and controlling their oenotechnical choices from vat to bottle. We help them coax their wine to the desired expression, while respecting the product in its own interest and enhancing their capability through the knowledge we pass on.

Today and tomorrow, we are and will always be here to assist our customers on the path to the finest wine, and keep them a step ahead.

“We help our customers make the wines they imagine and want people to love.”

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