Humidity control

Ageing cellar humidifier: Syrus®

A tool for managing ageing cellar humidity levels

Syrus® is the only humidifier that delivers 80% humidity in ageing cellars without causing the slightest trace of mould or damp.

Ageing cellar humidifier: Syrus®

Achieves and maintains 80% humidity:

No trace of water and thus no mould, due to the fineness of micro-drops (1-3 µm) of water produced by ultrasound, “conveyed” by laminar flow to enable total evaporation (patented process)

Easy to integrate in new or existing cellars:

HVAC energy savings thanks to natural cooling of the cellar (2°C)

Our range:

Syrus® is designed for premises of 800 to 1000 m3

“Contrary to received wisdom, a humidifier is essential when you install an HVAC system”

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