Phytosanitary effluent collection kit: Phytopiste®

An easy-to-implement solution for designing a winery cleaning area

Phytopiste® lets you collect phytosanitary effluents efficiently and optimally, and incorporates all equipment required by law. We assist with build, or supply the kit only.

Phytosanitary effluent collection kit: Phytopiste®

The kit is modular, so you can:

Compatible with all approved treatment processes

Cleaning area complies with environmental regulations

Ou range:

Two possible installation methods:

More than 100 cleaning areas have been built with Phytopiste®

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Phytosanitary effluent treatment

Our Phytopur® service is approved by the French Environment Ministry for treating phytosanitary effluent from vines, orchards and arable crops. The service is fully performed at the estate by our staff, meaning one fewer concern for you.

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