Phytosanitary effluent treatment

Reliability, performance and guaranteed results

Our Phytopur® service is approved by the French Environment Ministry for treating phytosanitary effluent from vines, orchards and arable crops. The service is fully performed at the estate by our staff, meaning one fewer concern for you.

Phytopur® combines three water-treatment technologies: coagulation, osmotic process and adsorption on active charcoal – thus delivering total efficiency.

Phytosanitary effluent treatment

The treatment is carried out by environmental and phytosanitary effluent treatment professionals, who conduct than 300 interventions per year

Fully approved scheme:

We use a cutting-edge technology, osmosis, which makes the treatment reliable and enables advanced purification: molecular concentration is reduced by more than 98% (source: Aquitaine regional group for action against pollution (GRAP))

Treatment is totally secure





Our range

3 self-contained Phytopur® units, able to treat 10-15 m3 of phytosanitary effluent per day.

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