Wine stabilisation

Tartaric stabilisation

Chilling treatment to deliver tartaric stability in wine

Our reliable, efficient service has proven itself over many years, ensuring the stability of wines with regard to precipitations of potassium bitartrate. This technique’s success is due to a sensible treatment temperature and cream-of-tartar dose.

Tartaric stabilisation

Our proven know-how guarantees you a wine perfect-looking wine, free from potassium-bitartrate crystals and tailored to each type of wine (base, white, rosé, red, sweet):

The tartaric instability level of the vintage does not affect the efficiency of the cooling treatment, unlike electrodialysis and oenological inputs

No change in wine balance: pH is respected

The only technique accepted by organic-wine specifications

Technology accepted by 100% of export specifications: USA, China and Japan

Electricity consumption below 0.5 Kwh/hl, thanks to cold recovery on continuous-treatment units

Treatment possible from 15 hl upwards

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Ethylphenol treatment

Before becoming odorous, ethylphenols mask your wine’s aromas and flavours. Our ethylphenol treatment service surgically eliminates ethylphenols and fully protects the organoleptic qualities of your wine. This service consists of two simultaneous stages.

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