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Ethylphenol treatment

Rediscover the aromatic expression and complexity of your wine

Before becoming odorous, ethylphenols mask your wine’s aromas and flavours. Our ethylphenol treatment service surgically eliminates ethylphenols and fully protects the organoleptic qualities of your wine. This service consists of two simultaneous stages

This service consists of two simultaneous stages: a membrane-based treatment and adsorption of ethylphenols.

Ethylphenol treatment

A process refined and proven since 2005, when this technology was developed within the company.

A service that eliminates ethylphenols by:

A service that preserves the wine’s aromas, whether odorous or masked, thanks to:

No loss of wine, thanks to a secure process

Service available from 6 hl upwards, without impairing the wine

Highly available, thanks to a national fleet serving our regional agencies.

Our range:

9 units: 100, 600, 900 and 1200.

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