Filter press

The filter press of the leading filtration contractor: 1 million of hectolitres filtered per year

The filter press is the only piece of filtration equipment that allows operations on all products encountered in a winery (from must deposit to pre-bottling wines), and in an extremely suitable and wine-friendly way.

Filter press

A versatile piece of equipment that can work on an auto-filtration or alluvial-filtration basis, enabling all winery products to be efficiently filtered:

The only piece of filtration equipment with a filtration-surface modularity of 10%-100%:

The Paetzold filter press is designed for high-quality oenological application:

The Paetzold filter press is a fashion-proof and long-lasting filtration tool:

Possible to custom-build a press that is fully integrated in your site, taking account of:

Besides providing the equipment, we train your teams our contractor’s know-how during a theoretical and practical course. We then support you over many years of use.

Our equipment:

Filter press with scalable surface area (1-80 m²). Possible plate sizes: 25, 47, 63 and 80 cm.

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White and rosé must deposit filtration

Filtering out the deposit from white and rosé musts lets you recover 80% to 90% of juice volume. But Paetzold does more than recover volume: the company was first to understand the importance of this service for aromas, because much of a wine’s aromatic potential is found in the deposit.

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Lees are often neglected in wineries because they are very hard to filter. Our lees filtration service lets you extract value from them by recovering 50% to 60% of clear wine.

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