Wine stabilisation

Flash pasteurisation: Thermoflash®

A precision tool to support controlled microbiological know-how

Our flash-pasteurisation service eliminates micro-organisms (bacteria, yeasts) throughout the lifetime of wine. Its action, based on rapid temperature rise and fall, is wine-friendly and does not jeopardise ageing.

Flash pasteurisation: Thermoflash®

After Thermoflash®, bacteria and yeast populations are lower than 1 CFU / 10 ml (results verified by an independent laboratory)

Uniform treatment with no risk of over- or under-exposure of the wine to heat: an efficient treatment that respects the product

Service managed by wine technicians trained in oenological awareness:

No loss of wine

Ageing not jeopardised, unlike with filtration techniques, which eliminate the lees required for quality ageing

A proven service: more than 700,000 hl treated since 2001

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