Wine stabilisation

Flash pasteuriser: Thermoflash

A flash pasteuriser developed for winemaking

The flash release unit is the only piece of equipment that destroys all the micro-organisms in wine without impairing its organoleptic qualities.

Flash pasteuriser: Thermoflash

The flash release unit has many applications:

An oenological flash release unit: a program with time/temperature charts adapted to winemaking, according to product type (must, dry wines, sweet wines)

Treats the wine uniformly, with no risk of over- or underexposure to heat, thanks to specific heat exchangers

Simple to use, with an intuitive interface

Mobile and compact, for easier winery operations

Our range:

TH TECH, TH PRO, TH PERF: 3 ranges of flash release unit to meet your technical requirements and budget constraints.

Available with an electrical or fuel-powered energy source

Units can be integrated into a production line before bottling

By request, we can develop units for treating products other than wine.


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