Gustatory balance


Fast, efficient and wine-friendly acidification

Our acidification solution, by treatment using ion-exchange resins, comes with a testing kit to model and taste and several levels of acidification, in order to select the best gustatory balance.


Acidifying a wine lets you:

A testing kit lets you test and thus taste several levels of acidification in order to determine the desired final acidity with peace of mind

A wine-friendly service, thanks to:

Efficiency validated by measurements and checks on various pH values to certify treatment efficacy

Service managed by wine technicians trained in oenological awareness:

Unit dedicated to each wine colour

Our equipment:

2 mobile acidification units.

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Acidification unit

Our acidification unit consists of ion-exchange resins. These resins exchange the cations in wine (such as K+ and Mg2+) with H+ ions, causing acidity to rise and thus pH to fall.

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