Gustatory balance

Osmosis unit

A Swiss army knife for wineries

Paetzold osmosis units are great tools for enhancing wine organoleptics, but also for correcting flaws.

Osmosis unit

Essential in a winery, our units let you:

Equipped with selective membranes approved for winery and food-industry use, delivering efficient flow while preserving wine’s organoleptic qualities

Simple to use, with an intuitive interface

Compact and portable, letting you work more easily in the winery

Efficient, reliable and robust: proven in contracting service, and more than 300 units sold.




Our range:

OS Tech, OS Pro, OS Perf: 3 ranges of osmosis units to meet your technical requirements and budget constraints.

Custom-designed units are available: size, performance, multi purpose.

Additional products:

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Our company uses modules for reverse osmosis, nano-filtration, ultra-filtration and micro-filtration in its gustatory-balance services. We also sell individual units in 2, 4 and 8 inch sizes.

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Must concentration

Must concentration by reverse osmosis respects your musts and lets you focus on the quality of your products. Our service can be used for white, red, rosé and sweet wines, and is easy to deploy in your winery during the harvest.

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