Custom made, efficient, proven: our models are delivered with our user experience.

Our equipments


Our devices combine the performance of faster flow rates, high reliability, filtration quality, and an oenological approach to caring for your wines (negligible warming, guaranteed neutrality, perfect management of dissolved oxygen…).

Gustatory balance

Our wide range of membrane-based processes are versatile, compact, reliable, robust, easy to use, and do not add oxygen. Discover their many possibilities: maintaining organoleptic profile, acidification, concentration, dealcoholisation…).

Wine stabilisation

Our devices act in precise accordance with your needs – treating tartaric crystals, controlling microbiology, optimising ageing on the lees, etc. – while respecting the organoleptic characteristics of your wines.

Gas management (oxygen, CO2, nitrogen)

Our patented technologies give you decisive control over oxygenation and deoxygenation. You can thus age your wines in vats while retaining their aromatic profile, manage your vats in the winery, and protect your wines between ageing and bottling.

Humidity control

We suggest optimising this important barrel-ageing parameter by fitting your ageing cellar with the only technology able to maintain 80% humidity without any trace of damp or atmospheric pollution.


Our devices, based on specific technical and regulatory expertise, let you satisfy your requirements in the management and treatment of your vineyard and winery wastewaters and for compliant, safe treatment of them.