Since 1990

a name, a company, a brand…

Michael Paetzold’s story is built on innovation.

1991 vintage: a young oenologist full of ideas shook up the oenotechnical status quo.

This Institut de Bordeaux graduate travelled all over the Bordeaux region, from chateau to estate. On his trailer was a new machine which he had designed and built: a filter press of unrivalled performance, a “Swiss army knife” for clarifying musts, must deposits, lees, wines and press wines. Thanks to his invention, the young oenologist was first to offer a filtration service scalable to every winery volume and requirement – a service carried out in line with oenological principles that care for the wine.

A first customer said yes, then another… The young oenologist began to make a name for himself, and turned his name into a company: Michael Paetzold. After the filter press, many other innovations marked the development of his business. The company has constantly reinvented itself, responding to and sometimes anticipating its customers’ expectations: cold treatment in 1993, unstoppering machine in 1994, environmental applications in 1997, osmosis in 1998, Thermoflash in 1999, Alcoff in 2004, ethylphenol treatment as early as 2005, Deos in 2009, Eternam in 2012, Inside in 2013, Re-Bottle in 2015, acidification in 2016… Initially specialising in oenotechnical services, in 1996 Michael Paetzold developed a volume measurement activity, then in 1998 began marketing devices built in his own workshop in Cadaujac, France.

A unique mosaic of skills and shared knowledge, backed by original and exclusive technologies and championing a different oenotechnical approach, Michael Paetzold is today more than a company. It is a brand recognised in the wine world – the brand of the most demanding professionals. In choosing us, they apply their high oenological and oenotechnical standards.

“Job after job, we have earned our customers’ trust.”

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